Cheers to Something New

Prior to jumping into beauty, home décor, cooking, and wine, let’s start with the journey that brought us to Upper Arlington, Ohio and who we are:

Caroline was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and following earning a marketing degree, she decided to take a leap and pursue her Master’s degree at the University of Georgia. Although, hesitant to start over in a new city, make new friends, and complete yet another year of education, Caroline decided to take the opportunity and moved to Athens, a small town in southeast Georgia. Alyssa was born in South Bend, Indiana, and since the start of higher education, Alyssa had chosen to attend a school in a different state to study psychology, and was always eager to explore outside her hometown. Not quite ready for adulthood, and with a desire to pursue her Masters, Alyssa sought out graduate school and found the University of Georgia MMR program. Little did they know, attending UGA would be the best decision they’ve made, and change their life completely. Caroline and Alyssa quickly met a group of 8 best friends that were essentially inseparable, and with them made unforgettable memories, slowly became more adult, and navigated a year of graduate school. As graduate school began to come to an end, Caroline and Alyssa sought job after job, becoming frustrated with the rejection and started to think they might not have a job prior to graduation. One LinkedIn message from an industry expert changed the game for both. They landed an initial interview, then a second interview, and next thing they knew, they’re flying out to Columbus, Ohio for a visit. Caroline, nervous about the possibility of moving, never anticipated accepting a job in a different state and making a big move. The visit changed her mind, and she immediately fell in love with Columbus, and chose to push past the fear of moving and accepted the job. Alyssa on the other hand was wary of being driving distance from her hometown after being so independent and far away for so long. Despite this, a month following graduation, Caroline and Alyssa moved to Upper Arlington to kick start a new chapter of life, starting her first big girl job, in a new city, as partners in crime.

Alyssa is a self-proclaimed sommelier and a master chef with a knack for home décor, hairstyling, and beauty. Caroline is self-proclaimed foodie, minor league home decorator, with an obsession for makeup. We’ll give you a mix of everything, with a little bit of comedy intertwined. We’re two women trying to thrive in adulthood, and Arlington Pique is our outlet to share what we love, with people who love them too.

Let’s get started, y’all!